Rules & Instructions
  The decision of the securities, private companies on meeting the requirements of the disclosure deadlines
Modify instructions in the election to the Board of Governors
Iraqi Companies Law
companies law
Iraqi Banks Law
Investment Law
Information of trading (I.O.T)
Instructions NO (1) of 2007, for non-Iraqi investors trading at ISX, which has been amended at 2010
Rules & Regulation 2008
Instructions for listing government bonds
Controls for auditing agency and proxy document
Securities Blocking and Mortgage Procedures
Cross Order and Big Deal Instructions
Due Diligence Controls
  Securities law draft
  Law introduction
Electronic Trading Rules
Law Article Explain
Information of trading
  Securities law draft
  Registration steps of deposit
Deposit, settlement and clearing system
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Rules of procedure for the Iraqi market for securities
The fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism law
Instruction NO. (2)Suspension and Resumption of Trading the Shares of Listed Companies
Instruction NO. (3)Suspension of trading and cancellation of listing at ISX
Instruction NO. (4) Financial Solvency for the Brokerage Firms
Instruction NO. (5) Suspension delisted brokerage Companies
Instruction NO. (6) Conditions and Requirements of the companies listing at ISX
Instruction NO. (7) Opening Branches for Brokerage Firms at Govern-orates
Instruction NO. (8)Disclosure Instruction of the Listed companies
Instruction NO.(9) Disclosure Instruction of the Brokerage Firms
Instruction NO. (10) Disclosure on Influential Ratio
Instruction NO.(11) Submitting the Financial Statements Electronically
Instruction No. (12) Instruction and producers for the separation the accountant at brokerage companies
Instruction NO. (15) Regulations of the Second Market
Instruction NO. (16) Trading of the Aware Persons of the stock companies listed in the stock exchange
تعليمات الحافظ الامين رقم (17) لسنة 2021 المعدلة
Instructions No. (18) Professional Conduct