Chief Executive



We are honored to review General description of the evolution of the Iraq Stock Exchange since it opened in June 2004

1- Listing Iraqi's Companies apply the Listing and electronic trading rules.

2- Launching electronic trading systems and Depository in 2009.and start operate five sessions per week in November 2009   

3- Launching disclosure rules and affecting proportions and insider rules  as well as electronic trading instructions and Depository.

4- Training brokers , traders, employees ,university students and professors electronic systems applications.

5- Market capitalization increased from (1.1) billion dollars in 2004 to (9.6) billion dollars in 2013.

6- Launching data centers in Iraq Stock Exchange and cooperation with the specialized agencies ' Mubasher, Bloomberg and local , foreign         media in Definition of investment in Iraq Stock Exchange.

7- Organize and operate surveillance and control trading completion of clearing and settlement properly.


Our vision ((Develop fair and efficient capital market in Iraq  ))



          Taha Ahmed Al-Rubaye

          Chief Executive Officer